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The 3 Guardians: Yarrow, Wormwood, and Devil's Club

  • AnamCara 66665 Fry Court Homer, AK, 99603 United States (map)

Every region has a plant that is so abundant, has such diverse medicine and is so available that it is thought of as a Guardian plant of the people. In south-central Alaska, we are blessed to have 3 Guardian plants of great power and versatility: Yarrow, Wormwood and Devil’s Club. Yarrow is the Guardian plant of the mountains. Wormwood predominates in the interior and Devil’s Club supports the coast.   

Students will learn to identify Yarrow, Wormwood and Devil’s Club by sight, smell, and touch.

The therapeutic properties shared by these guardian plants, proper harvesting and preparation techniques. Examples of dried herb, tinctures, oils, salves, and infusions will be passed around to students.  Handouts will be provided.

Appreciation for the scope of the therapeutic value of each of these plants that makes them worthy of serious use and mastery.

June 3 6-9pm at AnamCara

Cost: Adult/$30 Child/$15

Nancy Lee-Evans, MA, Ph.D.- love of foraging, preparation and use of Alaska plants is an outflow of 30 years of work as a healer.  She apprenticed with master Alaskan herbalist Janice Schofield in 1996 and began co-teaching plant retreats with Janice in 2002. Nancy now teaches through AnamCara, her program of spiritual development and healing grounded in Celtic tradition located in Homer.